1. Quotation Process
2. Production and Project Management
3. Delivery

How does the quotation process begin?
As in the States, the best starting point is to evaluate the competitiveness of pricing. Ideally, you would provide samples (if available), files (prints), EAU quantities and special packaging requirements. Your quotation should be provided within 2 weeks.

Will pricing include freight?
Yes, unless requested otherwise by the customer.

The pricing is competitive, what's next?
The sample process begins. The samples will be made to your desired specifications. A complete first article will be provided for your evaluation. Upon approval, production will begin.

Will the quality of production parts match the approved samples quality?
Yes. We have engineers that will follow your project or parts through the entire manufacturing process. In-process and final inspection standards are established prior to production. Any unique or specific inspection requirements that you may have can be added to our normal standards.

How long will it take to receive production parts?
Shipping via ocean container typically takes between 4 to 5 weeks door to door. Special shipping arrangements can be made to accommodate rush orders by using air express delivery. This usually takes between 3 to 6 days. Production lead time must be added to get the exact lead times from the date the order is placed. These lead times are provided in all quotations.

I sometimes get rush orders and can't wait that long between shipments, what are your inventorying capabilities?
We currently have customers utilizing our warehouses in both Asia and in the U.S. Every customer and situation is unique. Depending on the quantities and frequency of deliveries, we can maintain an agreed upon level of inventory at all times.

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